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Support: FAQs for Students

Answers to many of the most common questions are found below. If you don't what you're looking for, our Support Team is ready to help.

  • I'm having difficulty registering.

    Registering lets you set up your student account to be able to log in to Pearson eText.

    To register:
    Go to the homepage, click New Students, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

    If you think you've already registered, try re-registering with the student access code that you were given.

    If you encounter any difficulties registering with an access code or purchasing access online:
    Please contact Registration Customer Support.

    To enroll in an online course:
    Log in using the login name and password you selected when you registered. You'll be asked for your Course ID (get this from your instructor, who may also provide you with information for entering your Student ID). Once you enter this information, you are enrolled in your Pearson eText online course.

    If you can log in but are having trouble enrolling in a course: Check to make sure that you are entering the Course ID exactly as your instructor gave it to you. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact Customer Support. (For fastest service when you ask a question online, please create a Customer Service account. Once you create an account on this site, you can track the status of all your issues, and you'll never need to fill in your user information again.)

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  • How do I get a student access code?

    College/Higher Education:
    Students receive a Student Access Kit with their purchase of a new textbook. The kit contains instructions and a unique access code for registering for use of the site. Students without a Student Access Kit can purchase access online here.

    IMPORTANT: Each student access code can only be used once! You redeem your access code when you register for Pearson eText, which allows you to access the site for a prescribed period of time. Once established, you cannot share your student account with any other student. All scores and personal information (including financial, if applicable) are associated with your individual student account.

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  • How do I join in a new course?

    The Join a Course page is displayed from the Settings page, My Courses tab, when you click Join Another Course (at the right in the My Other Courses section)

    To join a course:

    1. Search for a course by Course ID (provided by your instructor), Course Title, Instructor Last Name, or Institution Name. Then click Search.
    2. Click Join (at the left of a search result) to join that course
    3. From the Course Joining Complete page you can verify the course information and click Go to Pearson eText to display the Pearson eText in the viewer:
      • The course you selected is the active eBook and is displayed the next time you log in.
      • The course ID is displayed at the bottom right of the Pearson eText viewer; the course name and section name are displayed at the top left.

    To join another course:

    1. Click Settings in the upper right of the page.
    2. From the My Courses tab, click Join Another Course, located to the right in the My Other Courses area.
    3. Search for a course by entering one of the following: eBook Course ID*, Course Title, Instructor Last Name or Institution Name. Then click Search.

      * Note that your eBook Course ID is different from the Course ID provided by your Pearson learning and assessment platform.

    To return to the Bookshelf page (if you have a subscription to more than one eBook):

    Click Bookshelf in the upper right of the page.

    To return to Pearson eText Viewer:

    Click Go to myeBook in the upper right of the page.

    To use Pearson eText in self-study mode:

    Click Self Study Pearson eText (at the right of the Self Study eBook area) to use an eBook in self-study mode.

    The title page of the Pearson eText is displayed in the Pearson Pearson eText viewer.

    The course you select is the active eBook and is displayed the next time you log in.

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  • I'm having difficulty enrolling in a course.
    • "Please try again or check with your instructor to ensure that you have the correct Course ID"
      If you see this message after entering the Course ID, it means that the Course ID you entered is invalid. Please contact your instructor to verify that you are entering the correct Course ID. You must enter the course ID exactly as your instructor gives it to you.
    • If you have entered a Course ID that has been accepted by the system, but you are not seeing the same assignments as other students, please check with your professor to confirm that you are enrolled in the right course and have not accidentally enrolled in another course.
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  • How do I get my Course ID?
    Your Course ID will be provided to you by your instructor.
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  • I forgot my login name and password. How can I get them again?

    To get your login information:

    • You’ll be asked to provide either your login name or the email address on record for your account. If you can do this, you’ll receive a prompt email with your login name and password.
    • If you've registered for more than one Pearson product and have used more than one login/password combination: The system retrieves the first login/password combination you have in the system. To get the correct login/password combination, you may need to call Registration Technical Support at 800-677-6337.
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  • How do I update my student information, such as my student ID?

    Students can easily update this information online themselves at any time. Here’s how:

    To change your student account information (login name, password, email address or other):

    1. Log in and select your ebook from the Bookshelf.
    2. Click "Settings" from the menu at the top right corner of the screen.
    3. Click the "Personal Settings" tab on the right.
    4. Click the Edit My Pearson Account link at the top of the screen then provide your login name and password.
    5. Click the "Edit Account Information" button.
    6. Make any changes you want, then click "Save".

    Note: You cannot change your first or last name yourself. You must make this request by contacting Registration Customer Support.

    IMPORTANT: You cannot transfer your subscription to Pearson eText with another student by changing the name on your student account or in any other way. All scores and personal information (including financial, if applicable) are associated with your individual student account. If any work is done by another student using the account, this is still associated with you and is not credited to the other student.

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